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» Austausch Emmen 2010
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MONDAY 19.4.2010 - by group 1(Irena, Laura, Frank, Gerrit, Sayed & Mirjam)

8.30 the departure of HC(Hondsrugcollege) pupils to AGQ(Artland Gymnasium Quakenbrück) Here started the whole week. First we've waited on the bus on Hotel Eden parking lot and then there came our bus. It was a small Artland bus;). We've put our backs in the bus and we went to Germany. Wave to your mommy and daddy and BYE... :D. The trip took 2houres. It was fun in the bus with music and misses Struikman had a book with pictures about Artland. So we could see where we wore going. The first villages we saw was Menslage. Some of our Partners live here and then we were very quickly in Quakenbrück. We drived threw the city under the Hohe Pforte and than we saw the school. When we came in the school all of the German students stood there. So we brought our backs in a room and went to a class room. Franziska gave a powerpoint about Quakenbrück. Very good. Sayed gave a very long and good powerpoint about Osnabrück. My compliments sayed ;). And then it was time to go to the lesson.

Introduction to the House of Commons, Normal lesson and Lunch break
When we had a welcome from the teachers and from some students, the teachers told us something about the house of comments. They told us how the house of comments works in the Britain's parliament. In the Britain's parliament their are two sides were you can sit. One for the government and one for the opposite. Their's a moderator too, who leads the discussion. You can only speak when the moderator says you are allowed to speak. Then the teachers told us how we are going to do it (with not many differents). When they explained how the house of comments works we had to think about a topic.
After the house of comments we had a normal lesson. I had an lesson Mathematica. I think they learn the same things as in the Netherlands. The lesson was funny and one person had to go out. It was a nice part of the week of the exchange.
Frank Feringa

Market Place: Town rally
 It was 13:00 o'clock when we left the school to visit the town of Quakenbrueck with our new friends from the Netherlands. Mr Bumb formed groups of 2 German and 2 dutch students. We got a letter with question and started the search for the answers. So we started to go an answered questions like 'Who is the owner of the café "Caselius"? ' or 'When do the trains depart ?'. The questions weren't really difficult but the Dutch Students had a good chance to see some pretty places of the world famous city "Quakenbrueck" J . At 14:30 we came back to the marketplace and gave our answers to the teachers. All in all it was a very funny part of the successfull exchange.

Town Hall: Reception by the town mayor.
It was very special that we could meet the townmajor. After  the town rally, what was very interesting, we went to the building were the major would say some words to us. The building was in the middle of the centre and they were bussy with renovating it for the 775e anniversary.
We had to go to a big room, were we could sit and get ourselves something to drink. Then the townmajor began to speak about the history of all the exchanges and that she was very happy to see us in Quakenbrück. She even brought us some presents: a pen and a special pin of the town. Our teachers received gifts too:  two very beautiful books.

Visit to Fiz-playing indoor games and getting to know one another.
In the afternoon we went to the Fiz,where we had  the chance to get to know each other better.  We played table football  and some of us  went outside for playing basketball.
At first we had a few problems with the different languages.We wanted to play the game "Activity" but the words on the  playing cards were in german, so the dutch people weren't able to understand them. That was the reason why we stopped  with the game but I think it was even though a lot of fun. Besides we played volleyball together.At 17:30 we were fetched at our families Or also host families and we have gone home.

End of official program_ time to get acquainted with host families.
The official programm on the first day ended at 05:30 in the afternoon. This was the first time for the Dutch exchangestudents to go into their hostfamilies and  as well a good opportunity to spent some time with them. My exchange partner and me rented a bike before we got home, so Frank, (my exchange partner) could ride with it to school the next day. Some students went someplace for dinner, others ate at home with the hostfamily or ordered some food. I showed Frank where I live and introduced him to my siblings and my mom. We had no problems communicating, we spoke mostlzy English and sometimes a little German. In the evening we watched a DVD and than pretty soon went to bed, so that we would be awake the next day to be able to enjoy the programm.

Wednesday Group 3. 21-4
On Wednesday, we started our day with a regular lesson at the Artland Gymnasium, it was very interesting. After that, we had an extra groupmeeting. We started with a game called "krantenmeppen", this is a Dutch game. Everyone sits in a circle, and one person stands in the middle with a rolled up newspaper. Then someone says a name, and the person in the middle has to hit that person with the newspaper. The person whose name was called, has to say another name, before he or she gets hit. Then the person in the middle has to try to hit that other person. You carry on like that, until someone is to slow and gets hit by the newspaper. Then he or she has to stand in the middle.

Before we drive to Hondsrug college we devided everyone in three smaller groups.Every group gets one game like "Köpfe raten", "Story erklären" or "Musik erkennen".

At 10:15 we went to the Netherlands by bus. When we arrived at the Hondsrug College, mister van Niejenhuis welcomed us all. After that the Dutch people showed the German people around and we had lunch. 30 minutes later we continued working on arguments for the house of commons, and an hour later we had a volleybal tournament. We had really much fun!

Then we had free time. Almost everyone went bowling in the evening. That also was really nice.

We started with the preparation for the debate. But we didn't do anything (hang around with friends) because we were already finished. After that we taught Gerrit some Dutch words. We told him: 'mooie borsten' is hallo, so he said that to somebody, haha.
We had also a normal lesson. The German people learned some Dutch words and sentences.
At eleven o'clock, we started the cycling tour of Drenthe. We saw some 'hunebedden'. We already knew something about it because Nina and Thea had given us a presentation about Drenthe. When we arrived at 'Het Haantje', we formed groups of 3. Then we started canoeing. Some people felt into the water and the other people kept canoeing. Michelle, Eline and Melissa went to school with Mr. Leidorf to take a shower. When everybody arrived at school, we just hang out in the in the underground and waited for Chinese food which never came. We became some money and went to the 'La Place'. After dinner, we had some free time to go shopping. The German guys bought some orange Dutch stuff, and a lot of vla! We had a lot of fun . At nine o'clock, we met each other at the pool centre and played pool till half past ten. After t hat some Dutch and German people cycled through the McDrive. (In Germany, they're not allowed to cycle through the McDrive).
We had a great day!
Marie, Constanze, Giuillia, Melissa, Michelle en Marjolein

Last morning at the host families
Our last morning at our host families began quite normal, although we were all a little bit tired of the week. After breakfast, we packed our bags for the journey back home. Some of us also received some little presents which are typical for the Netherlands. Finally, we needed to hurry up to school, so we said goodbye to our families and thanked them for our beautiful stay in Emmen.
Because of our stay here in Emmen, the German students got a wonderful view on the life of the Dutch students.
Making a report of the week
After the last morning at the host families, we all needed to come to school. At 9:05 everybody was there and we went to the computerroom. We were asked to write something about the exchange week. We needed to work in our House of Commons group. Every group gets one day of the exchange week. Group 1 gets Monday, group 2 Thuesday ect. At the House of Commons we are group 5, so we get Friday. Because we're writing this report at 9 o'clock in the morning, we didn't knew what we would think about this day. We only knew what we were going to do. So we all decieded that we're just going to write something about the things we're going to do. Every group worked hard on their reports.

After we do our last preparations for the House of Commons, we will go to the swimming pool Aquarena where we will be 2 and a half hour, from 11.00 till 13.30 with the walk of about 5 minutes. In that time we can swim and eat something because we will have our break there too. There are also some people who don't care about going to swim and some who don't want to go swimming. The only ones I haven't heard yet are the ones who will probably like the swimming. Probably because the weather isn't that well yet. After that we will go back to school again and have the House of Commons debates.

Preparations for House of Commons
Today are the last preparations for the House of Commons debate and then we will have the debate itself after we went to go to the swimmingpool. Every day there were preparations, it started a bit slow sometimes, but the teachers were there to help us. So in the end everyone got okay.
In the beginning we thought it was really annoying and hard. We weren't really excited about it, but once we got our thesis it went better and we liked it more.

Expectations for House of Commons
The debate will be from 13.30 till 15.30. And there will also be a Prize Giving Ceremony. This will be the end of House of Commons for this exchange and after that the German students will go home again.
It will be intressting to hear how everyone did it and what kind of arguments everyone will have. So we think the debate will be very well, since all the students prepared really good.

This exchange week was very exciting. We did a lot cool things and everybody had a lot of fun.

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