Salutogenese – Kittenhotel

Projekt “Kittenhotel” (Beispiele)

Friday 13th – what a day!

“Welcome to our hotel”, begrüßt Mrs. Boss, die Hotelbesitzerin des Kitten Hotels in Kittenland, ihre Mitarbeiter und Gäste. Es ist Freitag der 13., und das bedeutet nichts Gutes. 
” I`m really sorry, but I have to inform you that terrible things happened last night: Mirrors broke in the wellness area and I found one of our beautiful cats killed. A police detective will start an investigation immediately. And that`s not all, our cook is ill and last night someone entered the hotel – maybe a thief.” 

Auf der Basis dieses Settings entwickelten die Schüler verschiedene Szenen, die in ihrer Gesamtheit einen Tag im Kitten Hotel widerspiegeln.

“Let`s collect our ideas!” – Individuelle Ideen werden diskutiert, Wörter nachgeschlagen, ein Dialog entwickelt 
“Who is going to take which role?” 
….und dann wird geübt 
“I`m sorry, Sir, but we do not serve breakfast today, our kitchen is closed.” 
The cook is ill and cannot work, let`s see what we can do. 
“Miss Goldhair, I´m sorry, but I did not know that you were in the wellness area. Now, here´s your coffee. Is there anything else I can do for you?” 
“Sorry, but I`d like to check your passports. A thief has entered the hotel.” 
“We have to operate immediately, because one of the cats is seriously injured. But the doctor had an accident and will not arrive in time. So, Peter, I need your help!” 
“Oh, Dr, Blues, you`ve made it! Now, let`s start operating!” 
Alle sind neugierig und freuen sich auf die Vorstellungen der anderen